Gating Information

This page contains general information about Coral Bay's gate system.  Click one of the following links to navigate to the area indicated:

Owner/Tenant Gate Registration Form

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Contact Envera directly at (954) 642-1877 or toll free at (877) 9ENVERA and choose Option2 (that's (877) 936-8372, Option 2) for:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Adding Transponders
  • Adding Guests

For general questions about the gates, gate status, or registration, please contact Governmental Management Services at (954) 721-8681 x 213.

You can download the Owner/Tenant Gate Registration Form by clicking the link.

The purpose of the Owner/Tenant Gate Registration form is to register your household in the Envera system. You can specify up to two (2) people on this initial setup form who are heads of the household. The head of the household will receive the login and password for your households primary profile and will be able to add other members of the household to the profile. Heads of the household should be responsible adults who are listed on the deed or on the lease.

The information provided on he Owner/Tenant Gate Registration form will remain confidential and will be used by Envera for gate access only. It is the responsibility of the owner/tenant to keep this information current. Advise Envera of any changes, additions, or deletions.

Drop off completed forms at the Coral Bay Clubhouse Monday 8 - 10 AM, Wednesday 8 - 11 AM, or Friday 2 - 5 PM. Bring proof of residency (a recent bill, government ID, lease, or deed showing a Coral Bay address and the name of at least one of the people on this form). We will not keep a copy, but you must show proof of residency to submit your form.

Forms can also be returned by mail to the following address. Forms returned by mail will be checked against county tax records. Those who have recently purchased their homes or who rent should not mail their forms.

Governmental Management Services
Attention Coral Bay CDD
5385 N. Nob Hill Road
Sunrise, FL 33351

Local Envera Telephone Numbers

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Central Station:  (954) 642-1877
Voice Mail System:  (954) 773-9016

Both Envera numbers are currently forwarded to the Central Station. At go-live the phone number labeled "Voice Mail System" will enable you to access the Envera Voice Mail guest access system for quickly adding temporary guests to your account.

Gating System Site Visit

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The following PDF documents represent the presentation made to the Board at the November 2008 meeting.  These documents include a report filed after a site visit by District Officials and a presentation given by Envera Systems that describes their history and system.

The park and pool monitoring system described in the report has already been installed in Coral Bay's parks and pools. This system has been in full operation since August 27, 2009.

  • West Coast Site Visit Report  This report was filed with the Board after District Officials visited multiple Envera installations on Florida's west coast.  This trip also included visiting Envera's central monitoring center.
  • Envera Presentation Slides  To see the video linked to on slide 15 of this presentation, click the Gate Strike link below.

Videos Illustrating the System

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The following are videos provided by Envera Systems that illustrate the use and function of their systems.
  • Gate Operation Video The video shown in this link illustrates an exception where a resident would have to be contacted to admit a guest.
  • Park and Pool Monitoring Operation Video This video illustrates the Park and Pool monitoring system currently operational in Coral Bay's parks and pools.
  • Gate Strike Video  This video is self contained and does not need an external player to view.   To view this video, save the file "Harborage Gate Strike 4-15-08.exe" (approximately 6.9 MB) to your computer.  Double-click the file to open the player and view the video.  The self contained player has VCR like controls in the lower right corner to control the playback.  This video shows an actual gate strike incident at a community on Florida's west coast.  The community used this video to recover cost of the damage to the gate from the car's driver.